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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tears of the heart

Why does it be, why,
Why is this heart so torn apart,
Ripped into countless pieces of an unfitting puzzle

Is this heart that loves so much to be punished,
Banished to infinite desperation,
Despair-ation which knows prayer but not answers

How does it be, how
How that I love man and hate my Creator,
Man exists with me to love and war with,
He who created me denies ... [read more]

Read the rest of the poem at my dedicated poetry blog: http://izzonlinepoetry.blogspot.com/2007/08/tears-of-heart.html

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heartwarmer said...

hey Izz, may I ask what inspired the poem?

Izz said...

In fact, the poem is an open part of chapter three of my novel. The chapter is titled "The strongest of hearts cries" in which the emperor's heart is extremely distressed by not being blesseth with an prince.

Not directly related to me, although in other ways, it is directly related to me (excuse the paradox).

Beyond said...

Great poem, the mysteries behind most happening in life can't really be explained.

Thanks for checking out my blog, appreciate it.

nice profile.

MrsIzz said...

Lovely poem sweets.