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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Destiny, our doing or the hand of mystery?

I’ve been thinking on the word destiny in the past few days. In fact, contemplating on the concept of destiny itself. In the conventional wisdom, destiny is that which will be. That which lay ahead of our path already as a result of our previous choices or by preordained force – this bit meaning that we have little or no part in it except for puppetry. How you chose to define destiny, methinks, is utterly up to you. But I know, for my own good of course, a few conceptions and misconceptions about destiny that may break or make me, or at least the next fellow.

That destiny means that I have to add only a little bit of spice and salt here and there and things will work out fortune for me. That I don’t have to sweat my palm or break my back in toil to control my own destiny. That there is little and individual can do to influence what most spiritualists define as Maktub – ‘it is written’ (therefore it’ll be).

I believe otherwise. My conception of destiny tutors me each that it is the choices we make in the day that define our future. Our tomorrow, our very destiny. It’s the individual human being that alters the course of their life by every bit of action at each moment when they live out their thoughts. At this juncture, I must make mention that: select your thoughts carefully, for such is the seed of your life. The DNA of your future – is’t to be one of success of failure!

Of course, the Almighty has the might to influence our energies to make certain choices as much as provide us with the strength to make real our choices and endure them either in celebration or in pain. But the ultimate lies with you, with me, with us. The real deal, the doing is all up to the individual. Up to each and every one of us. I don’t think it’s negligent to state that many people day each day short lived not because it was written in their destiny that their lives be cut short. Many marriages today tumble not because God is part of the ignorance of the little bits of daily failings that went unattended. States war with each other not because God has a mission to accomplish on society as more powerful than the next. Many lead stressful and unhappy lives not because their destiny is laid with misery.

No. destiny is in the minds of each and every one of us. In our minds and hearts. We invent destiny by making the right and wrong choices each and every day. Fortunate are those who listen to their hearts and make the correct choices. Fortunate enough are those who realize they made the wrong turn and turnaround their choice at that very instant to correct it and choose and even happier destiny.

We fall each day when we lead our lives under the misconception that it is destined to be and we have not much to do with it. For me, I choose to arrive at my destiny confident that it was, in the most part, my own making and all the other mystic forces played cameo roles and God provided the strength and insight to getting it right.

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