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Saturday, August 4, 2007

ISBN for The Half Prince of Timbuktu

It may be a NO BIG DEAL to anyone else except one person. Izz. But hey, I just have to make a public announcement: I got the ISBN for my debut novel: 978-0-620-39285-3, The Half Prince of Timbuktu.

I celebrated. Not that it was administrative pain to get it, it was in fact too easy. The reason for the elation is because it was a real first step toward ensuring that I can publish my own novel - and retain all control of my work.

I'm still investigating whether to independently publish with Lulu.com or Booksurge (Amazon). But one thing for sure is that I'll be it doing myself mainly because I want to exercise my entrepreneurial spirit.

The book will be hitting and heating the bookshelves in early 2008 (although I finish writing in mid September) and hopefully I'll create enough media buzz for the novel by implementing my previous PR skills. The best plan is to perform magic so that it can be top 10 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

By the way, the book already has two sequels planned: 'Sundiata' and '1884'.

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Miss Jones said...

Congratulations Izz!!! Ehh its a huge step. I'm first in line for an autographed copy!!!

Szavanna said...

Great! So it wasn't that difficult? One of my friends struggled quite a lot before she got it. It'd be interesting if you explained the process - so that others can also get into self-publishing. When it comes to Amazon vs Lulu - well I don't think you should be choosing between the two - rather - use both. Amazon is absolutely important for you to sell via the bookstores as I understand - but I also think that the more "stores" you have the better. Congrats once more!!Another step done :)

Anonymous said...

hey girl!CONGRATS~~

Ishtar said...

Major congrats Izz!!!

Izz said...

Pink Satin: Izz is a man. Thanks for the congrats and please do look forward to an autographed copy like Miss Jones.

Miss Jones: Thanks for being my first true fan. Means a lot and it's encouraging.

Szavanna: You're always very supportive and the tips you always give on this new media stuff is invaluable.

Star: Thank you. The final draft manuscript is hitting your desk sooner than you think. Glad that you could put time aside in end this year to critic it. By the way, the novel is based in Mali and I know you're knowledgeable about the Niger region. So your input will be invaluable too.

Ishtar said...

Count me in, Izz! Maybe I'll even blog about it in a months time, talking about my siestas on the veranda with the horses in sight, drinking ice coffee in the sunshine and reading a manuscript by my newfound friend! Looking forward to it. And hey, thanks for responding on my blog. Like the way the discussion is evolving - like I said before, I'm fortunate only to have nice commentators!

Good luck with the rest of it now. You wife must be so proud!!

Vanessa said...

Congrats, Izz! Get a ticket for me when you're on Oprah; I want to be in the front row!

Kavita said...

Cogratulations izz on this major step in publishing your book, hey BTW technically speaking, i am the first one to have booked your autographed copy..... do send me one
Congrats again!!!

Izz said...

You all are just too sweet man. Thanks for the cheer and support. The flag is hoisted high in my hand.