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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy birthday tata Nelson 'Madiba' Mandela

It is my grandest and most humbling wish to meet this extraordinary human being. In fact, an ordinary man from the Eastern Cape village who dreamt of doing extraordinary things, and went on to change the world - forever. On his 89th birthday, may Madiba be celebrated by the world and that all of us learn the best of human qualities in us that are crystal-clear reflected in tata Mandela.

No doubt about a ripple he had that started lasting long after our generations. No doubt that his magic, as ordinary and humbling as it is, will go on as an eternal legacy.

Your's is a most adored, inspiring and fulfilling life most of us only dream of, but through the humility, understanding, tolerance, smiles, and forgiveness that you teach us each day you do so something extraordinary, one like me is much grateful and wish for the world to bow and learn then go on to share with anyone willing to receive. That way, all of us can become extraordinary human beings in our own right, like you have been Madiba.

Links of a celebrated life:

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Ugo Daniels said...

Is it today?

Izz said...

The 18th, yip.

Toto said...

Hey Izz

Well said, we cal all learn from the man. I once met him at some function, i tell you...you can feel his presence in the room. It is soo humbling to meet the man. I almost cried, my eyes were filles with tears...just thinking of what he went through so we can be where we are today and so South Africa can be where it is today because of his sacrifices and other people.

I bow

Izz, why do you make us do the word verification when we comment....don't like it. Its me being me.