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Monday, July 23, 2007

Small, constant actions turn dreams to reality

Thoughts alone, as grandiose as they may be, don’t get us closer to the reality of our dreams. They don’t make us work the daily goals and walk the talk. But thoughts are important as the springboard because they’re the ancestors of action, although having thoughts doesn’t guarantee action. It’s only through action that we truly do get closer to our dreams. Almost to say that actions are catalysts of turning dreams into reality.

Without taking action on what we have thought, we will continue to sell ourselves short. We will continue to be drifting ever distantly from our greatness. I know with me there are many thoughts, and repetitive thoughts, and less or at times, zero action. When that happens, and this is always a guaranteed outcome, I feel at my lowest – because I set my thoughts higher and my action mojo low or not set it at all. And I think that even for others, these causes a lot of the life’s depression valleys that we often find ourselves deep in their shadows.

If it is your thoughts and plan to go to gym to shape up for the summer, what is stopping you? Thirty minutes, or even 15min on the treadmill workout in the gym can provide some good deal of fitness (and cut back fat) as well as leave you less stressed by lightning you up.

If it is your plan and wish to wake up earlier in the mornings, say at about 5am, and you always find the courage to bang off the alarm than to step off bed, why not try to just get out and splash your face with cold water before hitting the kitchen for a kick starting cup of coffee? I bet you won’t go back to lounge in bed – at which point we always fall back into tempting slumber.

If it is your plan - which you always miss - to pray more often, why not do it whilst busy with something else or even whilst walking or driving? Almost like have a conversation with God as you would with a friend accompanying you in a car or walking to lunch. And it doesn't have to be a brilliant speech, but just your heart's prayer in your own words - a talk with a Friend. Still have excuses to miss it?

If it is your dream to start writing a book, why not just start by some little action: writing down the chapter names, designing the characters and laying out the plot? In fact, why not just write your first sentence.

The list is endless, and the first action, as difficult as always thought to be, is very rewarding. Instead of always wishing it, better try and do as little as you can manage of it each day. And you don’t have to always get it right – or for it to even work the first time. It is that we keep doing it that it turns into a habit, and such habits will truly make us.

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Ishtar said...

In other words, Izz, your quest has truly commenced!

PS: Did you get my email by the way?

Izz said...

Yes I'm on the roll Star, and the feeling is great.

I did get your message. My bad memory told me that I did reply, obviously not. Bad bad memory. But hey, thanks for the welcome to read my stuff. And could you please send me mail to my private email so that I can have your email addy. I can't seem to locate the email, probably hidden in gmail cascading conversations. israel.mlambo@gmail.com