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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Be honest with your heart

'Be honest with your heart.' These words rang in my head for the past two weeks as I journeyed through a tasteless cocktail of emotions of joy, doubt, adrenalin, disappointment, affirmation, self distrust, ability, incapacity, excitement, carbon-copying and finally originality. These emotions made up the introductory journey to writing my book. I had it all right, still have, but to get it right I went from corner to pillar then back to corner, and eventually found the centre of my heart. At which point writing became like second nature as has always been with me.

I'm blissful in mood now because amidst that rollercoastering cocktail, which was just foul and nearly made me throw up, I became honest with my heart. I made peace that I can't write like somebody else. That I mustn't even attempt to write like anyone else. Not a carbon copy Izz, my heart would say to my pop encultured mind. Better be the best first version of yourself than a second version of somebody else, it reminded me. And with that, I made a pact between my heart (the inspiration) and head (the writer) that you shall write as you feel and think. Not as you read and copied.

The morale: well, be honest with your heart. Find your true passion, listen to what your heart says is the big picture, then let the mind, albeit guided by the heart, plot the way through the maze that is life or that project you started. It is much easier that way unlike doing what everyone else around you is doing. Novetly is the way the heart always feels. Carbon copy is always the way of the mind, which is other peoples heart's DNA - so rather let the mind hear out the heart for once, ok, may be twice, even thrice won't hurt.

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Tenacious said...

Wow. I'm glad you stopped by my blog. I love how your mind works. Be Honest With Your Heart--so true so true. Thanks for sharing :)

@ Izz

You've bookmarked me?! Wow. Thanks. You're going to make me get an ego :)

You know, I try to read and relax but you know it's not helping. Maybe you're right I need to leave my violent thrillers in the carry on. I always have a book on me though. Currently I'm reading "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova. I'm on the 3rd chapter but it's shaping up to be a really great book.

Izz said...

Sounds like a great read The Historian. Will see it's reviews and excerpts on Amazon.com. Thanks to you for returning the favor in kind. And I bookmarked tenacious because it's really a good blog to read. See me there soon.

Miss Jones said...

Izz your writing is amazing...Its real and 'intense'.And yes being true to oneself is important...I'm on my way to self discovery..I'm getting there....

Izz said...

Thanks for liking my taste miss jones. Will be continuing my pilgrimage to your blog.

Lucy said...

I'm definitely going to be checking back often, and reading more about these intense emotions you seem to write about.

I have the same emotions to battle through, except that I channel it into comedy. And somehow, I make it on stage and tell everyone about it face-to-face. Yeah, I guess I'm a little crazy like that.

Nice meeting a kindred spirit.

Izz said...

May be I just haven't them all, but it's a first for me this comedy/struggles remedy. Glad you found a way of laughing at your problems. I write about them. And in that, I feel better. Thanks for stopping by in deed. Will also be checking often at yours. And may be a practical comedy class cold make a difference, but yes it's true, in class you learn somebody elses opinion.