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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The universe is the servant of your wishes

As I'm battling to get through difficult chapter one of my fourteen-chapter book, I introduced a passage in one of the conversations in it. The passage is a long-standing natural truth that holds anywhere in the world (not that I've been an inch off South African shores). It's the principle that for a person who truly and hard enough, from the floors of their heart's, wishes to have something or be of greatness, the universe, with all it's many known and unknown mystical energies, will 'conspire to grant your wish'.

That truth, that principle alone, tells us that each of us can craft their own path to greatness with just a little bit of effort one day at a time for the universe's energies are not reserved by trucks of cash by a select few - they are accessible to everyone.

Effort and action, in my books I must confess, equals an invite for the universe's energies to come lift you up to heights that you yourself choose. It's an invite for these energies to circle around your heart to make it stronger to get closer to your dream. To metamophose your mind into a divine capsule that produces ideas you never thought would pass through your head. To transform your body into a stealth to guard it against weakness and distractive desires that may waiver your focus or put you off action from the dream.

But it is up to each one of us to make that one decision - as repetitive as we may make it (but continue until we get it right) - to start. To start to run our brush strokes on to that blank canvass. Until such a time happens, the powerful known and unknown mystical energies of the universe will not come to our support. And our dreams will remain just that: poooof... dreams.

As the many elders before all of us have said: "if you believe in something hard enough, the entire universe will conspire to make it happen". So do believe in that dream of yours hard enough, unquestionably and obsess on the action that has back it up, and watch the wings that the said energies will provide: wings of the mind and heart. And from that, comes never-thought-possible reality like the beauty of the first chapter of my international bestseller epic (ok, a little bit over shot but you get the point: believe hard enough).

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ebony said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have something really deep here too!

Izz said...

Thank you ebony. Will be returning to yours too as of yesterday's discovery.