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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The law of karma - good comes back to good

You know what, life is beautiful when you take care of the small things. The small things that matter that is. It makes it all worth the while to walk this earth amidst the trials and tribulations that instill shiverous fear in us. On 25th June I wrote an entry called "Say hello to someone different today and tomorrow". That stuff isn't bullshitism. That stuff about remembering your friends and thanking them for being such. About warming someones heart with a good but genuine gesture of love. About remembering the people who helped build your character along the way, in their small or big ways, and saying to them "thank you". Because the truth, the undeniable - albeit somewhat ignored truth - is that as you walk this earth as the person that you are, you carry with you in your character the marks of those who participated in crafting you. Or to be more specific, they participated in helping the genious and greatness in you come to dance.

Why am I saying it works and it's imperative? Because I tried hard as I could to live up to it. I did say the good hellos, I helped the colleague, the stranger, and I appeased and in fact visited and lunched with at least one of those who had most hurt me. And believe me, the calls I made to the teachers in my former schools and my university touched hearts - and the reciprocating "thank you, you made my day" humbled me more than it did its receiver. And I was surprised that the receivers said that at the drop of our telephonic conversation, they have a special, long-waiting call to make.

All this beautiful karma tapestry is simply explained by what I came across on Deepak Chopra's wap on my phone, chopra.com, wherein it is quoted as 'Spiritual law of the day': " The Law of Karma... Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind. Choosing actions that bring happiness and success to others ensures the flow of happiness and success to you."

Go start a revolution. Or is it 'loveolotion'?

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