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Thursday, July 5, 2007

This too shall pass

Life gets busy. Life gets tough. And in the midst of it all, we get hurt by various things in our lives. Be it because someone we love and respect has let us down, loss, temporary setbacks, sickness, disappointment or dreams and goals that we keep procrastinating – all this can and do make up part and puzzle of our days.

During such soul tormenting times we just feel less the marvels that we truly are. We feel that life and our fellow humans are unfair and we lose the hope that got us this far and through other bumps in the past. But if you think of it, whatever significant bump you find yourself against, it will pass. Like others before it, this too shall pass.

In 1998 I was briefly hospitalised after my body was arrested by a rare seizure of some sort. The acute pain put me in some state of near-paralysis and I couldn’t walk – although I could try, I caused myself monstrous pain. Got to hospital with my mother, who seemed to be in equal pain at the view of her son’s anguish, and I was told that I would never father a single baby in my life. That whatever happened, has managed to deny me the opportunity to reproduce.

As you can imagine, the pain grew a hundred-fold as it was elevated to emotional torture than just physical by the Cuban surgeon’s sad breaking news. To say the least, I was the saddest man on earth during that period – or so I thought.

After some days, I was home recovering from an equally painful operation, I was told by someone very close to me that what happened means I must just give it up. That there isn’t a point in living any longer. At that moment, when I heard those words, I swore to myself that I will make things great for myself. That this too shall pass and I will make things right. The person who told me to give it up would be shocked to learn that the bad patch did pass indeed, although at that period I believed it never would. And today I enjoy the beautiful love and smiles of my two wonderful daughters, princess Talia and princes Nalika.

So, whatever you’re going through today. Right now. Just know one thing for sure: this too shall pass.

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The Randomness said...

If it was yesterday, I would have said kid me not. Today I know things DO pass. Another awesome piece.

Izz said...

'Yesterday', I always believed that the pains and worst case scenarios in my life would never pass. And today, I'm laughing the heck out of silly-serious me - my feet could be up in the air now had I not been seated on this comfy chair.

cowy said...

I ve been down lately and afta reading this too shall pass i feel much beta and ready to face the world again. Thanx for that Izz!

Izz said...

Hey you friend, it's all part of the test. All these tribulations are preparing us for something bigger. And the journey in fact moulds our characters to be stronger and we can share the gains of our characters with others. And there's beauty in that.

Thanks Mach