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Friday, July 6, 2007

Exhilaratingly spooky and freaking dumbfounding

Those are my words describing my mood this morning after realising that I’ve made my first step to greatness by leaping or rather rocketing out of my sheepskin that I’d worn for over a decade. A decade of mediocrity and sorrow, and of course, mixed with fun, growth and love too. The challenge that comes with this infinite liberty will be extreme, but I hear a voice inside me say that it’s “okay”. That “the internal elements of such extremes are only there to guide you and mould you into what you’ve always desired to be”.

Immediately after seating at my desk here at work, I called my wife to share with her my ‘super natural’ anti-climax - (‘super natural’ because it was so difficult to arrive at this starting line), I’d believed that the start will be super natural. That some super natural force will come to me to help me get to the start.

But what I shared with my wife on the phone were news of a simple yet beautiful feeling of peace and quietness from within me. That the battles I’d embarked on for over ten years have now summed up to mean something: an arrival at a start called ‘the responsible path to greatness’ – and a least travelled one at that, for many do still wear the sheepskin that I’ve just shed (although it was shed over a longer time and I still have to peel off the itsy bitsy itching and annoying remnants her and there).

Let me not say too much of what happened in the last 24 hours but that on trying to fish meaning by sharing with my wife my insight, we both deduced that I made the call during the hour of 7am and I’d planned to dry fast so that I can shed off this sheepskin for good and commemorate a deeper connection with the joy, peace and birthpower from within me – the fast is on 07.07.07. The metaphor in that was oceans away from my mind and heart, but my wife simply said 777 is conventionally a jackpot.

There you go – 07.07.07 is the starting line to the thin path to greatness and infinite joy for me and I plan to share every moment of that with people along the way!

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The Randomness said...

Each time I read your blog I am just in awe. I have not seen such effortless writing. I am particularly moved to comment about today's post because I feel I am going through the same enlightening time in my life. I keep telling my friends that 2007 IS MY YEAR of change and they totally do not get my excitement. It's a make or break year for me. It's good to know I am not going crazy after all. It's true - you never know who you touch. Kuyabongeka. ( wish I could say it in Shangaan lol)

Izz said...

Nakhensa, that's 'i'm thankful' in shangaan.

And man am I thankful that I am not going bananas too, that at least you are also going through the same volcano of emotions. Let it erupt sister, let it erupt as you can't stop it anyway - so better direct it in an effective manner so that it works out.

Now, you and I, let's put the effort, the matter stuff, the action behind this exhilirating emotions.

Truly, this is make or break! And action will MAKE! If there was a church nearby I'd pop in and scream: HALLELUJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! But will do that tonight when I get home. My daughter likes such crazy stuff so she'll help me out with it.

yasser jimmy buchana said...

Yo, izz, seems Your are feeling a huge relief after rocketing outta that ship skin. (was it a bracelet? if i may ask,)
wish u all the best on your road to greatness izz.!

Dizzy Dee said...

Mmm.... I'm still trying to make sense out of it all - you seem to be keeping a lot of details, but its better that way. I do it too - you never know reads you on the www :o)

Best of luck, and don't be scared.

Our fears is what keeps us from achieving greater things!

Ishtar said...

Looking forward to the next post, Izz! Just hope you get to do it with a element of joy and inspiration, and not out of obligation. There's the different between you and I; you press yourself much, much harder. But I improvise as well depending on the situation, where others feel the urgency to fulfill what they have commenced. Interesting how different we are - and yet, most of us want the same thing: to do as much (good) with the talents we have been given. Good luck Izz! But don't forget to enjoy the ride. It's not only the goal that counts but your road to it, as well.

Izz said...

Thank you Ishtar, and I hope you feel it's honour that I now prefer to see you as my star. A mirror through which I can look at my ugly me as much as my beautiful me. So from now, I choose to call you 'Star' (and your opinion in this christening matter is not welcome thank you). And the ride, my daughters and my wife will ensure, as much as I will, that I savour through and through.

DD, thanks for reminding not to be afraid. You remind me of the father of the main character in Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, which my wife hired for us last night, who said that: "my son, don't be afraid. there's no reason to be fearful."

And perhaps check this out on what I think of FEAR: http://izzonline.blogspot.com/2007/07/we-fear-thing-called-nothing-laughable.html

Ishtar said...

Anyday, Izz! As long as you contribute something "exclusive à la Izz" on the upcoming Beautiful Africa Blog Carnival due on July the 18th. For details, check out:


Izz said...

I'm contriubing something Star. Definitely. Although you and Szvanna have given me two different dates this week. Szavanna said it's on the 21st and you saying the 18th. Now does the carnival go live on the 21st, but submission is by 18th? Put some light onto that for me please.

PS:I've started the 48hour dry fast this early morning. I hope it goes well. - Asking for guidance on matters of heart.

Ishtar said...

You got it, Izz. Deadline is 18th, but the edition is posted on the 21st.

Good luck on the fasting! I'm sure he'll hear your heart's desire.