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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't fight your own

The only best people you have are those that your heart chose to attach to. And even more specific, your life partner or your very best of friends. We get pissed off sometimes by people's behaviours and repetitive mistakes, but that all combines to make us what we simply are: human. And to fight our own, to fight those that you hold closest to your heart is not really doing much good, except when our motive is to better things up. But in most cases, we fight to protect our point of view or just to prove another wrong.

I once got caught up in a series of irrelevant fights that were extremely fruitless. And because I was in fight mode, it took me longer to realise that the damage being done didn't justify the fight. That I was eating away at the foundations of something precious, something I could barely be happy without. And it was all because I wanted my personal, individualistic prefereneces to prevail. No, it shouldn't work like that. At least ideally. It should work on a compromise where possible.

Fighting your own is in fact fighting yourself. Because those we love are a reflection of us in so many ways. As varied in characters as we may be, the gist is the same or similar at least. That's why we tick with some people and not at all with others. The distress of fighting your own is not worth the distraction from the nurturing of the relationship and the destruction of the trust and reliance. Tolerance, tolerance, tolerance. Your own people or partner, may in fact be the one running for your rescue when you're in deep waters unable to ride the raging high tide. And then they pull you out.

In short, embrace your own and find ways that are more amicable to deal with the others shortcomings and to manicure some of your narcistic preferrences. After all, you yourself are not perfect, you're just human. Don't fight your own.

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Vera Ezimora said...

It's been soo long since I've been here, but I love what u've done with the place. Really nice, Izz!!

Izz said...

Thanks vera.

Vera Ezimora said...

Hmmm, nothing good ever comes out of fightint...especially with loved/close ones. Avoidance is key but sometimes it's not easy

Paula D. said...

I love coming here! Great post :-)

Anonymous said...

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Keep it up!

Miss Jones said...
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Miss Jones said...

Izz your blog has blown me away. I have no words, this is as real as it gets...its great!!!! Beautiful family...Okay i'm going back to read. I've started from the beginning....(lol). Your neighbours...HA!

Izz said...

Hey, thanks for the interest and your expression blew me away too. It's humbling man. It's humbling. Remember, I'm your #1 fan.

Ishtar said...

I really enjoyed this post, Izz! Thanks for sharing.