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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Impossible is nothing

I rarely become a fan of TV ads. At most, whilst I use to spend more of my life in front of the telly, they annoyed me because they'd break the attention to some interesting movie or reality show of something of some interesting sort. Ad time was surf time for me. My thumb would frantically press the remote in search of channels not on a break. But there's this one particular ad I like. Especially considering my current state of mind. The ad, so simple, yet its message so captivating, is the Addidas ad. It's a solo feature of David Beckham, the guy whose name and wife is synomous with international football.

Why is this ad interesting? Well, essentially, David Beckham speaks a bit about his challenges and running towards his fears from his teens to become the icon he is today. He fearlessly declares that 'impossible is nothing'. And that alone, is the part that got me so hooked on the ad - I'm now searching for it on the net (if anyone has, throw it my way).

That may just be an ad by a clever copywriter with intent to bait thousands of customers and haul out their money (which, for Addidas, is obviously not impossible). But it's reality that the stuff we fear the most in this world is the stuff that we tell ourselves that it's impossible - we and those around us label some of our dreams impossible before we even go for the kill. We fear to try it out lest we fail and the result: wallowing at the bottomless pit called sorrow. In fact, we were born to take up on challenges face on (or which ever way you prefer).

We were meant to walk to our greatness not because were're running from mediocrity (that which we ran from, runs towards us too - that's how fear operates), but because were're answering a call to greatness. And impossibilities encountered along the way, failures that beat us down the ground along the narrow paths, only mould and teach us to take a different approach or persist more and more.

Impossible is nothing, I came to realise that truth first hand this past weekend when I set out to do what I hadn't done before in my entire life: dry fast for a flat out 48 hours (2 days) without food or water. Zilch of that. And with doubts and thoughts of impossibility in my mind, I thought I'd fail. But I did it, amidst aching muscles and splinterring headaches. And during that fast, I had inspiration to create and start writing a fable which will go on to change peoples lives all over the world. I plan to finish writing it end August and soonest a publisher is found, release it early next year.

"Impossible!". Errr, what's that, some urban legend perhaps?

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Ishtar said...

Impossible is nothing for the hungry and for the dedicated. But impossible is only nothing once you've realized that it was possible... You can have faith, sure, but it'll only be a nothing once you've actually done it. Then you just need to remind yourself of being humble towards all those that have yet not tried. The world knows how many of us have lacked faith even concerning the most trivial of things.

I'm exiting to hearing what next you will discover is a nothing! How about a list of your current impossibilities, Izz? The real ones. Not the safe ones.

Izz said...

Errr, let me see Star, errr. Can't find any. But I think whatever they're, I'll keep discovering them and they'll be slaughtered like fairy dragons one at a time, ceremoniously and the Izz Telegraph will publish the spoils to the world at once.

Star, I'm hoping not to sugar coat things here and to be spontaneous even if I may seem to be going in endless circles.