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Friday, July 20, 2007

Beat the path of your heart

As I was completing chapter one of my epic, the protagonist was respected with much adoration and in fact, applauded with tears, when he insisted that nothing is going to stand in his way to 'beating his path'. His heart, like yours and mine, cried endlessly as it longed to be fulfilled by being freed to pursue what it desired. For when we acknowledge and grant our heart's their deepest desires, we grant ourselves freedom and peace. We become happier human beings.

But it's not easy listening to the soft whisper of our hearts amidst the clutter and noise in our heads. Heaped with worry that trickles to our hearts, we fail to develop a sense of hearing the song in our heart - a calling that says, 'beat this path', 'this is your purpose give it your all', 'follow your heart'.

The protagonist in my first chapter, like very few amongst us, was courageous enough to proclaim his hearts desire and back it up with action. He wanted so badly to feel the joy of his heart that his heart told him, 'I've been looking forward to this moment'. In him, ironically, the search was on by his own natural joy to find him. but he was hardened by life's daily sorrows to be able to take a moment and listen, and in fact, answer the call.

He is now a happier man, with even bigger challenges ahead of him, but he is no longer afraid for his heart is leading him, he is following. His mind is learning not to be hasty and faithless, and with that, he journeys forth and runs towards his fears to beat the path of his heart. To walk the isolated path of his heart, but with joy draping his life.

We should - instead of going with the flow that, in fact, is the flow dictated by others in our lives and even worse still, not known to us - follow our hearts and we will surely find the path, lean as it always is, fulfilling.

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