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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Smiles and laughs half the stress

The best thing, the best unique defining quality of us humans is the smile. And with equal measure too, the laugh as part of our nature is also definitive of what we are and why we are so unique in the animal kingdom - and survive without forseable extinct. These two qualities alone, although they are not, by default, traits, truly keep us going and safeguard us from exploding, what with all the rage and stress that swirls inside us sometimes. So make sure you treat these two qualities today as best as they do deserve to be treated. Use them.

The obvious dawned on me the other evening after my area had gone without water for more than 30 hours, and as if that was it, electricity just dimmed out - there we were in the middle of the most powerful capital city in Africa without the basics: water and lights. We were reduced to the dark ages, as one neighbour put it: "back to those days again hah." And with him, my wife and I chuckled, finding the whole situation funny. We laughed at ourselves that we live in the capital of South Africa in a 'lifestyle estate' (so the sales pamphlets claim - I still need pratical proof), but alas, no basics.

My point is simple: take time, during difficult situations, to step back and laugh at the whole thing for a moment will you. And as everybody around you is stressing and falling into instant, but self-induced depression, smile at them. Offer them a free smile and watch what happens. The whole situation starts to look different.

Take time to smile and to laugh. That's the best medicine for so many inner human malices. When you smile, you're turning a frowned or otherwise indifferent face in to a beautiful emotion mirror. That emotion will be reflected in the person you are in contact with. It's reciprocal. And if not, smile anyway, it does your heart and face good.

Laugh. Laugh and laugh a lot. Laugh silly at the problems that you have. Not that laughing as a natural process will naturally wipe away the tears or the problem. But can you honestly tell me that it doesn't make it seem smaller or make the mood lighter! For me it does. Laugh with those around, you're flexing your heart's muscles when you laugh. You're exciting it.

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Szavanna said...

This is so true - and it takes little effort to make people laugh - http://sugarmouseintherain.blogspot.com/ also posted on this. He is a big Coelho fan as well.

Vanessa said...

I agree. What a fabulous post.